Auto update issue from release 25550 was resolved

Auto update issue from release 25550 was resolved

In Clear Linux* OS release 25550, automatic updates were inadvertently broken. Users on this release are unable to receive automatic updates. This issue does not affect users that already had auto updates disabled on their machines.

We have just released Clear Linux OS version 25590 to address this issue. In this release we are providing the proper content needed to get your system automatically updating again. To enable this fix, follow the instructions below:

  1. Run `sudo swupd update` as normal and verify that your system updates to release 25590, or any later version

  2. Run `sudo systemctl restart swupd-update.timer`

After following these instructions, your system will return to automatic updates and should schedule them as usual. We recommend that you keep your Clear Linux OS machines up to date, and do not recommend disabling auto updates.  

The Clear Linux OS team