Data Analytics Reference Stack

The Data Analytics Reference Stack, is an integrated, highly-performant stack optimized for Intel® Xeon® Scalable platforms. This open source community release is part of an effort to ensure enterprises have easy access to all features and functionality of Intel platforms.

Highly-tuned and built for enterprises, the release enables application developers and architects a powerful way to store and process large amounts of data using a distributed processing framework to efficiently build big-data solutions and solve domain-specific problems. Having a streamlined system stack frees users from the complexity of integrating multiple components and software versions, and delivers a stable, performant platform upon which to quickly develop, test, and deploy solutions.

The stack includes tuned software components across the operating system (Clear Linux OS),  Runtimes (Open Java Development Kit* (OpenJDK)), Math Libraries (Intel ® Math Kernel Library (MKL), open source Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms (OpenBLAS)), frameworks (Apache Hadoop*, Apache Spark*), and other software components.

Data Analytics Reference Stack repositories on Docker Hub:

Data Analytics Reference Stack repository on Clear Linux* Project: