Machine learning on Clear Linux tutorial

Rodrigo Caballero

04 Aug, 2017

When learning computer programming languages, the first example tutorial given is usually ‘hello world’. Similarly, to learn about machine learning, the first example is often image recognition of handwritten numbers based on the MNIST dataset. If you've ever wondered how to get started with machine learning, our tutorial offers an easy step by step guide to begin to explore this exciting new field of computer science.

The machine learning tutorial walks users through the process of installing and configuring a Clear Linux Host OS on bare metal, although a virtual machine or even a Microsoft* Azure cloud instance could also be used, and installing the packages used with machine learning, easily added with the machine learning bundles. It also walks users through setting up a Jupyter notebook, an open-source web application used to create and share documents with live code, equations, visualizations, and explanatory text, and running the machine learning example code.

We included additional resources to allow you to learn more about the MNIST example, TensorFlow, Jupyter, and machine learning in general.

We hope our tutorial proves to be a useful reference to you. Please give us feedback on the mailing list or on the #clearlinux channel on IRC!