Intel® Clear Containers 2.0 at ContainerCon

Graham Whaley

22 Aug, 2016

If you are attending ContainerCon this week, why not drop by to hear Arjan van de Ven's keynote for an update on Clear Linux* Project, including Intel Clear Containers.

Work on Intel Clear Containers is ever pushing forward. At ContainerCon, you can drop by the Intel booth and see demonstrations of Intel Clear Containers, including running under Docker* Swarm*, or executing some caffe Machine Learning benchmarks showing the performance benefits gained under Clear Linux.

Back at the ranch

Of course, not all of us get to attend ContainerCon, so work on Intel Clear Containers continues....

Instructions for installing Intel Clear Containers on Fedora* 24 have now been posted on the wiki, with details for Ubuntu* and other distributions soon to follow.

Project quality monitoring improvements have come in the form of more Travis enabling, now building with both GCC and CLANG, as well as enabling Coverity* checking.

Over the last month, project activity has been pretty busy, with 91 commits from 44 pull requests having been submitted by 10 authors. My email inbox is definitely feeling the pressure.

If you are interested in the underpinnings of how Intel Clear Containers are architected, then have a look at the recently published page here.