Clear Linux Training now available

Chris Norman

03 May, 2018

The Clear Linux* Project contains new and unique features that make it a little different from other Linux* distributions out there.  For that reason, the reality of how Clear Linux OS is made may be very different from what new users may expect.

To help you understand the Clear Linux Project better, we've put together a step-by-step training that shows you how the Clear Linux OS is made (and why it matters). The training covers most of the technology used to create the Clear Linux OS. We include detailed instructions on how to use Clear Linux tooling and explain how the tools work internally. The training walks you through creating a custom Clear Linux OS for your own purposes, whether it is for testing, development or for something else.

The training describes certain Clear Linux concepts for reference.  It then takes a deep dive into the methods used to create updates (also called mixing) and to deploy updates to targets. We show how custom RPMs can be added into an update, and we explain developer-targeted topics such as adding and using telemetry, performing QA and testing, and debugging in Clear Linux.  

We hope our tutorial proves to be a useful reference to you. In true open source fashion, the training itself is available as a GitHub repo that can be cloned - your pull requests are welcomed.  Please give us feedback on the mailing list or on the #clearlinux channel on IRC !