Clear Linux* OS announces support for Kata Containers

23 Jul, 2018

Kata Containers* is an open source project dedicated to the development of a container runtime which utilizes lightweight  Virtual Machines (VMs), offering the speed of containers and the security of VMs. Kata Containers is now available in any Clear Linux* OS version above 23380.

Users can easily leverage the benefits of Kata Containers in the Clear Linux OS by adding a bundle and optionally setting Kata Containers as their default containers option.  Kata Containers provides workload isolation by utilizing Intel VT-x and VT-d technologies, enabling the security advantages of VMs, all while working seamlessly in the existing container ecosystem.  The benefit for Clear Linux users is that they now have an easier option to use Kata with Docker. There are already detailed step by step instructions available in the two tutorials at the Clear Linux* project website to get started using Kata Containers:

As previously mentioned, Clear Containers and Kata Containers can co-exist in the same system, however, we recommend that users migrate to Kata Containers because Clear Containers is no longer maintained and will soon be deprecated on the Clear Linux* OS.

For any issues or questions regarding Kata Containers in Clear Linux*, please contact the Clear Linux* project team through the mailing list: or the IRC channel: