Clear Linux Highlights #5

28 Nov, 2016


The latest Clear Linux release has a slew of updates, including the 4.8.11 Linux kernel, Mesa 13.0.1, and X 1.19. With the added auto-updating feature these kind of improvements will now land automatically.


Noteworthy items

Clear Linux is now an auto-updating OS. Updates will be automatically applied if available. These auto-updates are periodically performed in the background but also at boot time. You can be assured that your container images will also get updates when they really need them. We've made it simple for users to disable these auto-updates: `sudo systemctl mask swupd-update.service` is all you need to run to disable them.

The latest release completes a suite of updates to Clear Linux. The update to the Linux kernel 4.8.11 brings with it quite a few changes, including the Intel i915 driver. The new release upgrades Mesa to the new development upgrade Mesa 13.0 which includes the implementation of the OpenGL 4.4 API. X updates have been added, including xorg-server version 1.19.0. We’ve also added several new components, including ntfs-3g and thermal daemon. A few other new and updated components are highlighted below.


Key new components









Key component updates


beignet 9

curl 7.51.0

gstreamer 1.10.0

linux 4.8.6

mesa 13.0.0

nginx 1.11.5

nodejs 7.0.0

openvswitch 2.6.0

swift 2.10.0

WALinuxAgent 2.2.0