Clear Linux Highlights #3

11 Aug, 2016


Key component updates

We updated Firefox* to version 48 and OpenSSH to version 7.3. In addition we updated the core toolchain components: Glibc is updated to version 2.24, and Binutils is updated to version  2.27. We updated the go version to the final release candidate of 1.7. 


Noteworthy items

This week we made the HTTP/2 protocol the default internet protocol in Clear Linux. HTTP/2 is a huge improvement over HTTP version 1.1, which is the workhorse of the internet since all web pages and the bulk of file transfers use HTTP.  HTTP/2 has less latency and increased reliability and performance. All modern web browsers prefer HTTP/2 nowadays, but it is rarely enabled by Linux distributions. In Clear Linux, we now default to HTTP/2 for both the server components as well as our client components such as our software update.

Clear Linux OS images are now available in Dockerhub. Docker* users can now "docker pull clearlinux" and get a basic Clear Linux image with os-core and os-core-update bundles installed on it. This allows you to use Clear Linux optimized binaries on other distributions. You can also readily explore Clear Linux functionality for future use and leverage Clear Linux bundles working in concert with Docker to encapsulate complete features and use cases like machine learning or a LAMP stack. In order to play with Clear Linux from any Linux distro, just type: 

docker run -it clearlinux 

after which the normal "swupd bundle-add" command can be used to add functionality to the bare-bones image.


Component highlights

The following components changed between release 9540 and 9890: