Clear Linux Highlights #2

26 Jul, 2016

Key component updates

The Linux* kernel (for non-LTS kernels) has been updated to 4.7. This version features a host of driver updates, support for next generation graphics, and a key filesystem performance improvement. More information about what is new in the 4.7 kernel is here.

The Ceph component has been updated to the "Jewel" version (10.2.2) and now uses the Cython feature for running Python code. These updates allow us to offer the (now stable) Ceph filesystem functionality at the best performance level.

X server 1.8.4 with Glamour and modesetting fixes has been released. While Clear Linux does not currently use Glamour for most hardware, we'll be evaluating based on this new X server release.

Noteworthy items

In cooperation with the Open Source Technology Center Media Team, we are adding hardware accelerated GStreamer support to Clear Linux to show the full integration of hardware accelerated media encode/decode.

Our non-VM docker implementation has switched to using the overlayfs filesystem; overlayfs performs better than the default aufs solution, and has the added benefit of being part of the upstream kernel.

Component highlights

The following components changed between release 9310 and 9540:

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