Cloud Guest

Image for cloud deployment such as OpenStack

Amazon* Web Services (AWS)

Image for Amazon* Web Services


Image for Microsoft* Azure

Azure Docker

Image with Docker* installed for Microsoft* Azure

Azure Machine Learning

Image with the “machine-learning-basic” bundle installed for Microsoft* Azure

Google* Compute Engine (GCE)

Image for Google* Compute Engine


Image for Microsoft* Hyper-V


Image for booting in a simple VM with

KVM Legacy

Image for booting in a simple VM using legacy BIOS, if using make sure to remove -bios parameter


Image for VMware

Preboot Execution Environment (PXE)

Kernel and ramdisk for network installs

IoT Edge Single Node

Clear Linux Edge Stack - Single Node

Supporting file - UEFI firmware

UEFI firmware for starting images with QEMU

Supporting file - Script for QEMU

Script to help run images with QEMU

Supporting file - Verification script to run Clear Linux

Script to verify if the host system has the appropriate capabilities to run Clear Linux OS