This guide describes Windows-specific details of the Multi-boot Clear Linux* OS with other operating systems tutorial.

  1. Start the Windows installer and follow the prompts.

  2. At the Type of installation screen, choose Custom: Install Windows only (advanced). See Figure 1.


    Figure 1: Windows: Choose installation type.

  3. Select Unallocated Space and create a new partition of the desired size. In this example, we specified 50000 MB. See Figure 2.


    Figure 2: Windows: Create new partition.


    Windows creates its own 100 MB EFI partition if none exists. In this example, Windows sees the EFI partition created during the Clear Linux OS installation and does not create one.

  4. Select the newly created partition and follow the remaining prompts to complete the Windows installation. See Figure 3.


    Figure 3: Windows: Install on newly created partition.

  5. Finish the Windows out-of-box-experience process.

  6. At this point, you cannot boot Clear Linux OS because Windows is the default boot loader. See Restore the Clear Linux* OS boot loader to restore Systemd-Boot and add Windows to its boot menu.

If you want to install other OSes, refer to Multi-boot Clear Linux* OS with other operating systems for details.