This guide is part of the Multi-boot Clear Linux* OS with other operating systems tutorial. If you install a new OS or upgrade an existing OS, the default boot loader may change from Clear Linux OS Systemd-Boot. This guide describes how to restore Systemd-Boot.

  1. Boot the Clear Linux OS installer from a USB thumb drive. See Create a bootable USB drive.

  2. At the introduction screen, press Control+Alt+F2 to bring up the Clear Linux OS console. See Figure 1.


    Figure 1: Clear Linux OS: Console.

  3. Log in as root.


    When you log in for the first time as root through the console, you must set a new password.

  4. Find the location of the Clear Linux OS EFI partition. In this example, it is /dev/sda3. See Figure 2.

    fdisk -l

    Figure 2: Clear Linux OS: fdisk -l command.

  5. Mount the EFI partition.

    mount /dev/sda3 /mnt
  6. Re-install Systemd-Boot to make it the default boot loader.

    bootctl install --path /mnt
  7. Unmount the EFI partition.

    umount /mnt
  8. Reboot.

If you want to install other OSes, refer to Multi-boot Clear Linux* OS with other operating systems for details.