The existing Linux* ecosystem can be challenging to users because of long intervals between OS updates, which leads to large update downloads. Users can also be frustrated when managing complicated component dependencies. Clear Linux* OS solves these problems by:

  • Allowing you to update frequently, even multiple times per day
  • Preventing you from combining incompatible components

The Clear Linux OS team delivers technology advances with the Clear Linux OS OS and its tooling, concepts, and content. The team has created training materials as a GitHub* project to get you up and running quickly.

The training provides complete details on the methods used to create updates and how to deploy the updates to targets. The following items provide an overview of these Clear Linux OS mechanisms:

  • Update server: an https-enabled web server where the content files are served as static content. Clear Linux OS periodically queries the data on the update server and determines whether updates are available. The update content files provide the data and metadata to perform the required actions.
  • Software delivery mechanism: swupd queries metadata from the update server and calculates what to do and which content to use.
  • Tools: mixer-tools software suite generates the update server content using Clear Linux OS official software update content, local bundle definitions, and local RPM files.

The training helps you create a customized OS that is based on Clear Linux OS. The training content is self-contained and hosted on GitHub. You need a clean Clear Linux OS installation and a functional network connection to complete the training. For convenience, the project includes the training files you need for the exercises.

We appreciate your feedback and comments, especially in the form of Pull Requests. Please visit the how-to-clear project page to access the training materials, open a ticket, or clone/branch the training and help us improve Clear Linux OS.