The Clear Linux* OS uses Sphinx and RestructuredText as authoring tools for its documentation. This section contains the preferred methods for using the ReST markup on your documents. Please refer to the Sphinx documentation for the complete list of available markup and use as much markup as possible.

Remember: Changing incorrect markup is easier than adding markup from scratch.

We provide templates, examples, and use scenarios to help you write and edit documents easily. Use only the templates provided to ensure your content is consistent with the rest of the documentation.

Contributions with incorrect use of markup will not be merged until the markup is fixed. If you have any questions regarding markup, send an email to our mailing list at dev@lists.clearlinux.org and we will gladly help.

To allow for easy copy and paste of the provided templates, they are provided using either the “``” parenthesis, for single line templates, or the code-block directive, for multi-lined templates.

Every use case is explained, examples provided and, lastly, templates supplied.