Telemetry enables developers to observe and proactively address issues on Clear Linux* OS before end users are impacted. The telemetry functionality is maintained in the telemetrics software bundle.


The telemetry functionality adheres to Intel privacy policies regarding the collection and use of PII and is open source. Specifically, no intentionally identifiable information about the user or system owner is collected.

End users may enable or disable the telemetry component of Clear Linux OS or even redirect where the records go if they wish to collect records for themselves.

Install the telemetry software bundle

During the initial installation of Clear Linux OS, you are requested to join the stability enhancement program and allow Clear Linux OS to collect anonymous reports to improve system stability. If you choose not to join this program, then the telemetry software bundle is not added to your system.

To install the telemetry bundle, enter the following command as either the root user or with sudo privileges:

sudo swupd bundle-add telemetrics

This adds the telemetrics-client to your system, and you will automatically opt-in for the service.

Enable telemetry

To start telemetry on your system, run the following command:

sudo telemctl start

This enables and starts the telemprobd and telempostd daemons. Your system will begin to send telemetry data to the server defined in the file /etc/telemetrics/telemetrics.conf. If this file does not exist, the telemprobd and telempostd daemons will use the file /usr/share/defaults/telemetrics/telemetrics.conf.

Disable telemetry

To disable both of the telemetry daemons, run the following command:

sudo telemctl stop

Opt-in to telemetry

To opt-in to the telemetry services, simply enter the opt-in command and start the service:

sudo telemctl opt-in

This removes the file /etc/telemetrics/opt-out file, if it exists, and starts the telemetry services.


To opt-in but not immediately start telemetry services, you will need to run the command sudo telemctl stop after the opt-in command is entered. Once you are ready to start the service, enter the command sudo telemctl start.

Opt-out of telemetry

To stop sending telemetrics data from your system, opt out of the telemetry service:

sudo telemctl opt-out

This creates the file /etc/telemetrics/opt-out and stops the telemetry services.

Remove the telemetry software bundle

To completely remove telemetrics from your system, use the swupd command to remove the telemetry software bundle:

sudo swupd bundle-remove telemetrics