Developer Workstation helps you find the Bundles you need to start your Clear Linux* OS development project.

Before continuing, we recommend that you learn how to use swupd. Visit our swupd: software updater page to understand how Clear Linux OS simplifies software versioning compared to other Linux* distributions.

Workstation Setup

This guide helps you understand the minimum bundles required to get started. After installing them, you can add more bundles relevant to your use case. To run any process required for Clear Linux OS development, you can add the large bundle *os-clr-on-clr*. However, given how many packages this bundle contains, you may want instead to deploy a leaner OS with only those bundles relevant to your project. Developer Workstation responds to this need.

Use Table 1, Developer Profiles, to identify the minimum required bundles to get started developing based on your role or project. While your role may not neatly fit in one of these categories, consider using Table 1 as a starting point.

Table 1. Developer Profiles
Clear Linux OS Bundle Internet of Things (IoT) System Administrator Client/Cloud/Web Developer

Core Concepts

We recommend that you understand these core concepts in Clear Linux OS before developing your project.

Other resources for developers