Welcome to the Clear Linux* OS documentation pages, the source for Clear Linux OS documentation. Our documentation is divided into the following sections:

  • Get started

    If you are new to Clear Linux OS, get started fast with tutorials for installing Clear Linux OS on bare metal, in a virtual environment, or as a live image on a USB stick.

  • Concepts

    Wondering what makes Clear Linux OS different? Learn about Clear Linux OS features and what differentiates Clear Linux OS from other Linux distros.

  • Guides

    Guides show how to complete common tasks that help you leverage Clear Linux OS native features effectively. From basic system configuration to advanced management of a cloud installation, there is a guide for you.

  • Tutorials

    Clear Linux OS tutorials provide step-by-step instructions on how Clear Linux OS features can be used and extended, frequently with third-party tools.

  • Reference

    Find the detailed information you need to enable your configuration or task in our Clear Linux OS reference section.

  • FAQ

    Refer to our FAQ section to read commonly asked questions and answers.