Clear Linux* OS showcases the best in Intel technology. It does this by leveraging the power of Intel's advanced CPU features. As a result, all you need is a relatively modern Intel CPU to take advantage of it.


How to determine if your system can run Clear Linux or Clear Containers?


To provide clarity on this question, we've introduced a simple "check" script. Running the script on your system will tell you whether your system is capable of running Clear Linux and/or Clear Containers for Docker. 

This script has been built into our release versioning build process such that the script might change based on which particular Clear image you download.  So before attempting to run or install any version of Clear Linux, you have the option to download and run the script.  You'll find this script in the same release folder as the Clear images.

For example, to check if your system is capable of installing and running the latest version of Clear Linux*, run the following commands:

$ wget
$ chmod +x
$ ./ host

For further details, see the Getting Started page.