Coming Soon: Clear Linux OS Feature Roadmap Q4’2019

18 Oct, 2019

Ecosystem Updates

Clear Linux OS updates related to Open Source Ecosystem


OS Updates

Core Operating System updates

  •  clr-user-bundles support (swupd-3rd-party) to be added

  • Performance enhancements to bundle-add and update 

  • Installer - Support for Logical Volume Manager (LVM)  to enable software raid

  • Toolchain - Upgrades Mock, RPM, DNF to latest releases

  • Improved support for non-EFI boot and update 

  • New software store application  will provide OS-native application version of the online software catalog. An alternative to GNOME Software Center, it will have the same look and feel as website but  will include the ability to install bundles.

  • Metadata indexing: this search will allow users and developers to programmatically retrieve exact information on content and metadata that describes or is included in Clear Linux OS releases.

  • PXE to be included with clr-installer


Container Images updates

Improvements on Clear Linux OS containers optimized for IA made available on Dockerhub to include:


Stay tuned on our GitHub repo and forum for updates. This is where you’ll find threads from our Developers with details of proposed changes or additions to Clear Linux OS. The list above represent planned features, and is subject to change (sometimes based on your feedback).

So please, let us know your thoughts. Remember: some ideas proposed by you may be complex and never make it into the project, while others will take a long time to go from proposal to a complete feature.