Announcing Intel® Clear Containers V2.1.4!

26 Apr, 2017

In the past five weeks, we have released three point-releases of Intel® Clear Containers. The most recent, v2.1.4, released this week. As we continue to work to ensure a feature-filled and OS-agnostic offering, our latest efforts incorporate updates in the areas of compatibilitydocumentation, and quality.


  • Docker*: Clear Containers 2.1.4 is now compatible with Docker v17.03.1-ce.  This effort makes our development up to date with Docker’s enterprise edition. Soon, Clear containers will be part of Docker enterprise edition as a plugin.
  • Container Runtime Interface, CRI-O*: Compatibility with the Kubernetes CRI and the CRI-O project continues to be a key effort for the team. Our recent improvements in this area include: fixing the runtime list for pod containers, the addition of CRI-O integration tests, fixes for intra-pod containers volume support, and the ability to create cgroups for pods and containers.


 We added multiple tests in the last point releases, for example, hypervisor, network, and oci-config among others.


A key part of our efforts is to make installation easy for our users.  We created new installation documents for the following key operating systems:

Visit the Release Notes page for the complete list of the latest updates to the Clear Containers.

In our  GitHub* documentation area, you can find the instructions to obtain and install the latest Clear Containers release. The full source is available on our GitHub repository. To better understand the Clear Containers architecture, including the new components and features, visit the newly added Architecture Documentation pages for an in-depth look at the design.

Download the latest release and let us know what you think - either via the GitHub page, the mailing list, or IRC methods listed here. You can also give us feedback by posting comments on this blog!

- the Intel Clear Container Team